Design Request Form

 Before filling out the request form below, please read the following information to determine if your requested design meets our new criteria:   

  • All requested design must meet certain criteria in order to be considered as a design we would add to our website and sellable to others.  We understand certain types of designs require customization such as a team name.  In many cases we can create the main design and include a rhinestone alphabet so that it can be personalized to fit your needs and needs of others or create a main design and direct you to a rhinestone alphabet you can purchase along with the main design that will allow you to personalize your design based on your needs.

  • All requested designs must NOT contain any trademarked or copywritten content of any kind.  This includes but not limited to professional teams, logos, symbols, brand names, words/phrases associated with brands, famous people, etc.  There are no exceptions.  Over the past few years, a disturbing number of individuals & businesses are filing Trademarks for commonly used words/phrases that have been used in the apparel industry for many years.  What's more disturbing is that the USPTO (United States Patent Trademark Office) is approving these frivolous Trademarks.  This is resulting in an increasing number of notices for product takedowns and/or lawsuits being filed. To protect us both, I will verify that there is no current or pending Trademarks against your requested design as a part of my approval process. You may also search details & wording for your requested design through this link:  

    USPTO Trademarks Website
  • As of 1/2023 I will also be taking a new approach to designing. In the past I have allowed images to be uploaded to use as a reference to create a rhinestone version of a design.  Moving forward I would like for you to entrust in me to come up with a design based on details you give me verses me trying to duplicate a design that someone else has already designed.  If you must have a design made to look the same as one you found on the internet, then unfortunately I'm not the right designer for you. I do from time-to time experience difficulty coming up with a design for certain types of requests.  If I'm unable to come up with an idea based on the details you have given me, I will email you so that together we can try and come up with something that will work for your request. 

  • There is an area on the form for you to provide me with details you would like included in the design. If a certain detail is important and needs to be to included, please note that. Otherwise, depending on the details you proved me I may not be able to include everything you have indicated.  There are limitations when it comes to creating rhinestone files, especially when trying to use only the ss10 stone size.  Also, remember I'm not a mind reader, if you don't tell me certain details upfront, the design may not look the way you envisioned because I may envision it differently.

  • I'm only accepting requests for designs made up of all rhinestones.  That is my specialty so that is what I would like to focus on for requests.  I am not accepting requests for tumbler designs at this time.

  • Please only submit (1) design layout per request.  If you want me to consider making the same design in multiple sizes, please submit a separate request for each different size. 

  • I reserve the right to have the final say if a design is one that I will make and list on my website.  Creating rhinestone files is a tedious and time-consuming process.  A design has to sell multiple times in order to cover the time it takes to make it.  This is something that I take into consideration in the approval process.  After reviewing your request, I will email you to let you know if I have approved your design request. 
  • Once a design has been approved, an invoice will be emailed.  As a good faith gesture, I require the design to be paid for upfront before it is made.  I will email you a proof to view after the design is finished and once approved, I will email the file directly to you.    

  • RUSH requests are an option but those will come at additional costs.  Please check that option if you need a design finished by a certain timeframe.  I will let you know after I receive your request if I can meet your timeframe.