Design Request Form


Before filling out the request form below, please read the information below to determine if your requested design meets our criteria for designs that we will consider adding to our website:   

  • Your requested design must NOT fit only your needs.  We like to sell designs that a variety of people would want to purchase it exactly as it's designed.  If your design requires personalization such as adding a team name, we will determine if a generic version of the main part of the design can be made and include a rhinestone alphabet so that it can be personalized by all who purchase the file.  If not, then we may suggest that you need to purchase a separate rhinestone letter file to personalize it yourself based on how you want your final design to look.  

  • The design must NOT contain any trademarked or copywritten content of any kind.  This includes but not limited to: logos, symbols, brands, names, words, phrases, etc.  There are no exceptions. 
  • I'm taken a different approach for design requests now.  With so many people trying to duplicate designs found on the internet, you will no longer have the option to upload an image of a design for me to use as a reference.  I would like for you to entrust in me to come up with a design based on details you give me verses trying to duplicate a design that someone else has already made.  If you must have a design made to look the same as one you found, then I may not be the right designer for you. I do from time-to time experience difficulty coming up with a design for certain types of requests.  If I'm unable to come up with an idea based on the details you have given me, then I will email you so that together we can try and come up with something that will work for your request. 

  • I welcome all suggestions for details to be included in a design.  If a certain detail is important to include, please note that.  Otherwise, depending on the details of the design I may not be able to include everything you list. There are limitations when it comes to creating rhinestone files, especially when trying to use only the ss10 stone size.  Also, remember I'm not a mind reader, if you don't tell me certain details upfront, the design may not look the way you envisioned it because I may envision it differently.

  • I'm only accepting requests for designs made up of all rhinestones.  That is my specialty so that is what I would like to focus on for requests.

  • Please only submit (1) design layout per request.  If you want me to consider making the same design made in multiple sizes, please submit a separate request for each different size. 

  • I reserve the right to have the final say if a design is one that will be listed on my website.  If I decide that the requested design is not something that I want to list because it's specific to only your needs or it contains copywrite or trademarked content, you will be notified by email that I will not be making your design because it would be considered a custom design if I make it for only you. Designs that are approved an invoice will be emailed to you after I have replied back to your request.  The invoice has to be paid before any designing will begin.  Our policy for completing the design and listing it for you to purchase from our website has changed due to requests being made and the file never being purchased by the requester.  

  • RUSH designs are an option but those will come at additional costs.  Please check that option if you need a design finished by a certain timeframe.  I will let you know after I receive your request if I can meet your timeframe.