Design Requests

Happy New Year!

With every new year I reflect back on previous years to see how my business did and how I want to move forward so that it can continue to grow.  When I look back at the last couple of years, I have seen a continued trend of the number of design requests that I receive on a daily basis and find myself overwhelmed with the difficulty of meeting everyone's needs and keeping up with the other task that have to be done to run and continue to grow my business.  I wish I could say that designing was the largest part of how I spend my day, but on most days it's not. I also have a crazy number of emails to answer along with quoting all of the requests that come in. I get a lot of requests to make YouTube videos also.  It's become difficult to balance everything out and make everyone happy.  I have to make some changes if I want to continue to grow my business and service my customers in a timely manner.  These changes understandably will make some unhappy, and for that I'm truly sorry. I appreciate all of my customers and without you I would not be where I am today.  However, if I don't make some changes, I don't feel I can offer the best possible design or customer service that you deserve.  I feel I would be failing you all and my business too.   

With that said, I have decided to step away from making custom designs.  I will continue to take requests for designs but only for design styles that I can list on my website for everyone to purchase.  If you have an idea for a design that you would like for me to consider adding to my website, please use the link below to fill out my request form.  The reason I'm choosing not to continue to make custom files is because these types of files are often the most time-consuming to make, and in most cases, they are the types of files that need to be finished in the shortest amount of time.  Well over half of the requests I receive are for custom files, so trying to continually fulfill those types of requests isn't allowing me to work on other requests that I receive.  I want to make it clear; I did not come to this decision very easily, but for the sake of my business I felt I had no other choice but to make these changes.

Click this link to be redirected to my design request form for design styles that you would like for me to consider listing on my website.