Cricut or Brother Scan & Cut Compatible

All of our newly added rhinestone files will include (2) SVG files. One of those SVG files will have Cricut-Brother added after the file name (example: But God-Cricut-Brother.svg). That file has been formatted to work in both Cricut Design Space & Brother Canvas Workspace programs.

Some of our older updated rhinestone files may also contain (2) SVG files but the file will only have Cricut after the file name (example: But God Cricut.svg). This file has only been formatted for Cricut Design Space users. If you're a Brother Canvas Workspace user you will need to contact us so that we can update the file to the Cricut-Brother version that is compatible with your program. 

We also have some older rhinestone files that only contain (1) SVG file. This SVG file will NOT work in Cricut Design Space or Brother Canvas Workspace programs (example: But God.svg). You would need to contact us to update the file for you.