Terms of Use Policy

By purchasing one of our files you agree to not re-sell the file as a whole or to break up the file and use any part of the design to create a new file or layout and re-sell the file.  You may not give or share the file with others.  This also includes having someone convert the file into another file format for you.  If you need another file format that is not included, please contact us for further assistance.  Giving our file to someone else may seem harmless to you but now that person has the ability to make money from a file that they never had to pay for and often charge you a fee to convert the file.

You are NOT allowed to use any file purchased from My File Addiction, stock or custom, to sell pre-cut templates.  You may only use your purchased file to make finished items to sell for your business and/or personal use.  All rights for any file purchased belong to My File Addiction.