Cricut Support FAQ

The information on this page will answer questions about uploading a rhinestone file into Design Space, why a traditional rhinestone svg won't work in Design Space and also how to format the file so that it will.

Rhinestone files are made up of 100's/1000's of objects (circles) to create the design.  The standard SVG that is used by many other design programs will not work in your program because the number of objects will exceed what your program can handle.  This doesn't mean that you can't work with rhinestone files, but instead your program requires them to be formatted differently. 

I have started formatting files to include them with your purchase but due to the number of files I have to update this is a slow process to say the least and could take sometime for me to complete.  If you have Sure Cuts A Lot or Inkscape I have 2 videos posted below that will walk to through the steps to format the files yourself should you come across a file that does not include the format that you need.  Files that have been updated by me will include an extra SVG file in the zip folder that has either Cricut.svg or Cricut-Brother.svg at the end of the file name.  I have also placed notes that the file is included in the description area of each design listing that includes either one of these file extensions.  The difference between the two file extensions is the "Cricut" file is an older formatted version and the "Cricut-Brother" is more current and can be used by both Cricut & Brother Scan N Cut users. 

Files that do not contain the extra SVG file you can either follow one of my videos below to learn to do it yourself or contact me and I will email it to you.  Often when I'm on vacation I will not have my laptop with me so there will be delays in receiving the file until I return home.  

Note:  Since this is a Design Space issue please be aware that not all sellers are able to provide you with this extra file format.  They may not either be aware of your restrictions or don't know how to reformat the file for you.  If you plan to continue to work with rhinestone files you should have a secondary program such as SCAL or Inkscape to do the reformatting yourself so that you are not stuck purchasing files that may not include the special formatted file that your program needs.   The reformatting process is very easy to do and should be learned by all Cricut users. 


This video below is the basic guide to successfully working with rhinestone files in Cricut Design Space.

This video below shows how to upload a svg file into your Design Space program and also shows the differences when you upload a traditional rhinestone svg file verses one that has been reformatted for your program.


This video below walks you through the steps to reformat the rhinestone svg file using Sure Cuts A Lot V5 (SCAL).  The basic version of the program is all that you need to do the reformatting.  This is the cheapest place I have found to purchase the program.   Click Here 



The video below walks you through the steps to reformat a file using a FREE program called Inkscape.  You can download the program from Click Here



The below video will show you how to format a file after it's been made in Silhouette Business Edition to make it compatible with Cricut Design Space.


The below video walks you through Unzipping files, Viewing File Formats and Uploading files in Cricut Design Space.



The below video walks you through installing, selecting, resizing & editing a typeable TTF rhinestone font.

The below video shows you how to work with the Stacked Rhinestone Font


The below video explains how to use the "Attach" feature in your program and also explains what the purpose for the black boxes are for.



The below video will explain how to work with a single color and two color font.