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1/31/23 - Design Space users if you are contacting us because certain files are not coming in at the correct size or if certain files are not uploading at all, we are aware of this issue and we believe both issues are due to recent updates made by Cricut.  Please watch the below video if you are experiencing either of these issues.


Have a question that you couldn't find an answer to on our Frequently Asked Questions or Cricut Support pages? 

Please send us a detailed message to and we will get back to you shortly.  Please monitor your SPAM/JUNK folders for our reply.  Consider adding to your Contacts and/or Safe Senders Lists to avoid this issue. 

1/2023 We are no longer taking requests for Custom Files.  If you have an idea for a design that you would like us to consider adding to our website, please fill out our Design Request Form and we'll get back with you.