Pre-Designed Layout Files vs. Single Design Files

Pre-Designed Layout Files - Our Pre-Designed Layout files have already been put together for you and are ready to cut.  If the design you purchase has multiple colors, then it will be separated by color and each design piece will have a black box placed around it as shown in the first image below.  Each black box, with the exception of individual letters or numbers, will be the same size.  The file piece can be cut with or without the box around it.  When cut with the box left around the file piece, templates will look like the pink templates in the middle image.  The black box cuts a clean edge around the outside perimeter of circles that make up the file piece and will make all of the templates the same size for multi-colored designs.  This is ideal for those who use the "Hinge" method to assemble their design all on one piece of transfer tape as shown in the last image.  

Single Designs - Our Single Designs are the perfect option for those who want to build their own layouts by pairing them with other design elements or lettering.  Designs inside of the DXF, EPS, SVG & SVG Cricut-Brother files will look a little different from our Pre-Designed Layouts (see image below).  They will NOT have the normal black boxes around the file piece(s) and you will NOT see multi-colored designs separated by color.  This is so that you can select the design piece and freely move it to insert it into the layout you are creating.  We have grouped circles of the same color together so that you can easily select by color to separate your design into individual templates for cutting.  Designs that contain wording, the circles in each word will be grouped but each word will remain separate so that you can easily move them around to create your own layout.