Rhinestone Designing Tips

Many have asked for me to teach classes on how to create rhinestone files.  I've thought about it but asked myself how can I teach classes when each design I create is unique in its own way and the steps I use to create a design may not always be the same.  Many are under the impression that the rhinestone program is supposed do most of the work for us and create these near perfect designs just by selecting a rhinestone size and fill style.  When the results are far from perfect they wonder what they did wrong.  From my experience, I don't think I have ever created a design by just following those steps and letting my program do all of the work for me.  It's just not that simple.  The design process, from my experience, is a lot of trial and error and through that trial and error, I have taught myself how to design so that I have control over how the finished design will look and my rhinestone program is just a tool that helps me with the process to create that finished design.  Based on different techniques I have taught myself over the 15+years I have been designing I will be sharing them with you through a series of "Tip" videos in hopes that you can use my techniques and apply them to different designs you want to create. 

For most of the videos I will be designing in the Silhouette Business Edition.  This is NOT the program that I use to create my files, but it does have many of the same tools as the program I use so I can apply the techniques using the tools available in the Silhouette program.  I'm still learning the program myself so let's learn together! 

If you have an idea for a "Tip" video, please email me a support@myfileaddiction.com.  I'll see if I can put together a "Tip" video that can show you how I would approach the situation.