Why is there a "Box" around the design pieces in my file?


The box I place around my designs is put there intentionally and not to waste template material.  It's okay to cut the box.  The first reason is just to cut a clean crisp edge around your design like the scatter heart design has in the image below.  This is perfect for single template designs. 

The second reason the box is placed there is the help assemble designs that have more than one template piece.  The box is normally the same exact size for each template piece as you can see in the image of the scatter heart design below.  Again, this is done intentionally and not to waste template material.   Many choose to build their transfers all on one piece of transfer tape.  This is called the "Hinged" method.  Having the same size boxes around each template piece allows for perfect alignment when adding each color layer to a single piece of transfer tape.  Creating one transfer allows you to press the entire design in one press and for better alignment. 

To build your transfer using the "Hinged" method cut one piece of transfer tape approx. 2"-3" wider than your template pieces.  Place your base template down on your work surface and brush in your stones to fill the template.  Place the transfer tape over the template to pick up the stones making sure that extra 2-3 inches of tape hags over the right or left side of your template and sticks to your work surface.   Roll the transfer tape back enough to remove it from the template but still leave it adhered to your work surface as shown in image (2).  Do not remove the base template layer. Next place your second color layer template on top of your base layer and the uncut area that you think is wasted template material will cover up the holes of your base layer as shown in image (3). Brush in your second stone color and roll your transfer tape back over your template and your first layer will perfectly line up with your second color layer as shown in image (4) below. If you have a 3rd color layer, you'll want to remove the 2nd color layer template from on top of your based template and replace it with the 3rd color layer template.  You never want to stack more than one template on top of your base template.  When you do the thickness of the layers can cause your transfer tape to not line up correctly.