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Africa Lips Vector Digital Download

My File Addiction files come to you in a ZIP file containing popular file formats such as SVG, EPS, DXF, PLT & JPG. Our files can be used with Silhouette Studio, Cricut Design Space, Sure Cuts A Lot, CorelDraw, Brother Canvas Workspace, Oobling, Sierra Hotfix Era with the PLT Add On, WinPc Sign and other software programs that support these file formats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms of Use Policy

By purchasing one of our files you agree to not re-sell the file as a whole or to break up the file and use any part of the design to create a new file or layout and re-sell the file.  You may not give or share the file with others.  This also includes having someone convert the file into another file format for you.  If you need another file format that is not included, please contact us for further assistance.  Giving our file to someone else may seem harmless to you but now that person has the ability to make money from a file that they never had to pay for and often charge you a fee to convert the file.

You are NOT allowed to use any file purchased from My File Addiction, stock or custom, to sell pre-cut templates.  You may only use your purchased file to make finished items to sell for your business and/or personal use.  All rights for any file purchased belong to My File Addiction.

What's the difference between Pre-Designed Layout files & Single Design files?

Pre-Designed Layout Files - Our Pre-Designed Layout files have already been put together for you and are ready to cut.  If the design you purchase has multiple colors, then it will be separated by color and each design piece will have a black box placed around it as shown in the first image below.  Each black box, with the exception of individual letters or numbers, will be the same size.  The file piece can be cut with or without the box around it.  When cut with the box left around the file piece, templates will look like the pink templates in the middle image.  The black box cuts a clean edge around the outside perimeter of circles that make up the file piece and will make all of the templates the same size for multi-colored designs.  This is ideal for those who use the "Hinge" method to assemble their design all on one piece of transfer tape as shown in the last image.  

Single Designs - Our Single Designs are the perfect option for those who want to build their own layouts by pairing them with other design elements or lettering.  Designs inside of the DXF, EPS, SVG & SVG Cricut-Brother files will look a little different from our Pre-Designed Layouts (see image below).  They will NOT have the normal black boxes around the file piece(s) and you will NOT see multi-colored designs separated by color.  This is so that you can select the design piece and freely move it to insert it into the layout you are creating.  We have grouped circles of the same color together so that you can easily select by color to separate your design into individual templates for cutting.  Designs that contain wording, the circles in each word will be grouped but each word will remain separate so that you can easily move them around to create your own layout. 




What file formats are include?

All of our newly uploaded files come with a zip file that includes 6 file formats: DXF, EPS, JPG, PLT, SVG & CRICUT-BROTHER.SVG. Some of our older files may not include all of these file formats.  If you have purchased one of our older files, and need additional file formats, please contact us and we will update the file for you.

Where do I download my files?

All files purchased from us can only be downloaded through a download link that is emailed to you after your purchase. You CANNOT download files from your account. Look for an email that says "Your files are ready to download from My File Addiction" that is sent to the email address you use as your login for our website. Check spam/junk folders if you don't see the email in your inbox. We recommend you save the email in case you need to download the file at a later date.  If you cannot locate the email with the file links, please contact us and we can resend it to you.  Gmail users please also look under your "Promotions" tab if you sort your emails by type.

Are your files Cricut or Brother Scan N Cut compatible?

All of our newly added rhinestone files will include (2) SVG files. One of those SVG files will have Cricut-Brother added after the file name (example: But God-Cricut-Brother.svg). That file has been formatted to work in both Cricut Design Space & Brother Canvas Workspace programs.

Some of our older updated rhinestone files may also contain (2) SVG files but the file will only have Cricut after the file name (example: But God Cricut.svg). This file has only been formatted for Cricut Design Space users. If you're a Brother Canvas Workspace user you will need to contact us so that we can update the file to the Cricut-Brother version that is compatible with your program. 

We also have some older rhinestone files that only contain (1) SVG file. This SVG file will NOT work in Cricut Design Space or Brother Canvas Workspace programs (example: But God.svg). You would need to contact us to update the file for you.

What design program do I need to own to use this file?

Our files can be opened, uploaded or imported into many different design programs such as Silhouette Studio, Cricut Design Space, Sure Cuts A Lot, CorelDraw, Brother Canvas Workspace, Sierra Hotfix Era, Make the Cut, WinPCSign, Oobling or any other program that has the ability to open, upload or import a vector file format which is either a DXF, EPS, PLT or SVG.

Can a rhinestone file be resized?

The diameter of the circles that make up the design are set to cut a specific hole size to fit the rhinestone size listed on the listing image.  When you adjust the size of the design it will also change the size of those circles so you will have to use a larger or smaller stone size than what the design was created for.  You can only adjust the size of the design to the point where the circles will cut the correct size hole for a larger or smaller stone size.   Below is a list of stone sizes and what the dimensions of the circles need to be in order to cut the correct size hole in your template.

ss06 (2mm) - .098 inches or 2.5mm
ss10 (3mm) - .13 inches or 3.3mm
ss16 (4mm) - .173 inches or 4.4mm

Can I download a file to my phone or tablet?

This will depend on the capabilities of your device. The file you purchase will come as a ZIP file which is a compressed file containing multiple file formats. In order to be able to bring an individual file into your design program the zip file needs to be decompressed first.  If your device does not have the capabilities of decompressing the ZIP file then you must download the ZIP file onto a computer to decompress it first and then send the individual file to your device.  Decompressing the ZIP file is performed by right-clicking on the ZIP file and selecting "Extract All" from a computer or laptop.

Can I cut a rhinestone file from vinyl?

Rhinestone files are made up of circles, so that will not change when you use it with vinyl. However, you can cut a rhinestone file from a sparkly heat transfer vinyl such as holographic or glitter vinyl and create a "Faux" rhinestone design. When the light reflects off of the circles they can sparkle just like a real rhinestone.

How can I tell if the design uploads at the correct size to use with the stone size listed?

To check and make sure your design uploaded into your design program at the correct size you will need to ungroup the file so that you can select an individual circle.  The design is sized correctly if the dimensions of the selected circle match one of the following sizes based on what stone size(s) the listing image indicates:

ss06 (2mm) - .098 inches or 2.5mm
ss10 (3mm) - .13 inches or 3.3mm
ss16 (4mm) - .173 inches or 4.4mm

Cricut & Brother Scan N Cut users, you will use the dimensions inside the Cricut-Brother SVG file to verify if the size of the file uploaded at the correct size.  DO NOT use the listing image dimensions.  

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